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      Jiangsu Jingjiang Catalyst Co., Ltd.

      Mainly engaged in catalysts for fertilizers,
      chemicals, oil refining, etc.

      Integrate R&D, production, sales and related technical services

      Sales Hotline



      Fertilizer catalyst and purifier manufacturer designated by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry

      The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and related technical services of catalysts such as chemical fertilizers, chemicals, and oil refining.

      Catalyst series


      Other catalysts series



      Strong technical force and advanced production technology
      Complete testing equipment, reliable quality and performance

      Jiangsu Jingjiang Catalyst Co., Ltd. was founded in June, 1984. It is located in Jingjiang City of Jiangsu Province. Its predecessor is Jingjiang Catalyst Plant. And it was fixed manufacturer of fertilizer catalyst and purifying agent of Ministry of Chemical Industry. Jiangsu Jingjiang Catalyst Co., Ltd. is professional enterprise specialized in research, production, selling and service, of catalysts in fertilizer, chemical and oil refinery fields.

      Application area

      The products have been widely used in major petrochemical, fertilizer, oil refining and other enterprises. We believe that through our continuous efforts, we will be able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with our users.



      Oil refining


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      Jiangsu Jingjiang Catalyst Co., Ltd.

      ■  Add: Henggang Bridge, North Outside, JingJiang, JiangSu

      ■  P.C: 214524

      ■  Tel: +86-523-84521185

      ■  Fax: +86-523-84524866

      ■  E-mail: fyq@hi2000.com, huw@hi2000.com

      ■  URL: www.okiedoki.com

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